Nine Handed Cribbage

How To Play Nine-Handed Cribbage

Nine Handed Cribbage is real! It is very simple too! Well not really. Here is how to do it:

There are three teams of three. These teams are determined by counting off one, two, three until everyone has a number. Then put the ones with the ones, the twos with the twos, and the threes with the threes (Tip: try to put the fools together). Now, it is time to set it up.

  1. Dealer deals five cards to everyone, plus one card to his or her own crib.
  2. Each player decides which card he or she wants to throw.
  3. Each team then discusses with each other to decide which of their cards will join the crib, and the other two cards will get shuffled into the deck before the cut.
  4. After this, play continues as a normal game of cribbage.

(Note: It is best to play this with family as it can get frustrating to deal)

(Also: Please note that this is an evolving sport, and any suggestions are welcomed. )